Evaluation the African Development Bank Group’s Country Strategy and Program funded by the Independent Development Evaluation unit

Key words
  • Budget support
  • Regional development
  • Private sector development
  • Rural development
  • Food security
  • Water and sanitation
  • Development cooperation

ADE has been entrusted to Kenya to evaluate the African development Bank (AfDB) Group’s Country Strategy and Program (CSP) in the country.

Since 2014, with the global objective of participating to the country’s efforts towards infrastructure development, public sector reform and macroeconomic stability in Kenya, the AfDB has been very active in various sectors including agriculture, budgetary support, water and sanitation, energy, transport, finance and environment.

In order to favor a more transformative growth in Kenya, the Bank has thus committed to an investment equivalent to more than 2 billion USD over the period.

The evaluation conducted by ADE through portfolio analyses, on-site visits, interviews and focus group discussions will assess the design and implementation of the Bank-financed strategy, program, and operations, the effectiveness of the Bank’s CSPs in achieving expected development results as well as identifying the operational factors that enabled and/or hindered successful implementation.

Finally, the evaluation team will draw evidence-based lessons for improved design and implementation of the next Bank’s CSP cycle in Kenya.

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