Public financial management

Public finance is critically important for development. Effective institutions and systems of public financial management (PFM) are necessary to guarantee the proper implementation of national policies and enable efficient public spending. ADE supports the strengthening of PFM systems, institutions, and capacities in developing and emerging economies. In this way, our work contributes to supporting value for money in service delivery, transparency, and accountability.

Key services include

  • Running PFM diagnostic assessments (e.g., PEFA, PER, etc.)
  • Strengthening capacity of government officials, oversight agencies, civil society or staff from development agencies in key PFM areas such as revenue administration, transparency, medium-term expenditure frameworks, public expenditure management, debt management, reporting, internal control and external oversight
  • Supporting the prioritisation and sequencing of PFM reforms through the design and implementation of technical assistance programmes
  • Evaluating the progress made by governments in improving PFM performance

Project examples

Technical assistance

  • EC – Support to PFM reform in Egypt (ongoing)
  • EC – Technical assistance to support the development of Benin’s public finance management information system (2021)
  • EC – Long-term technical assistance to SANAD (food safety and sustainable agriculture) in Niger (2021)
  • EC – Long-term technical assistance to selected areas of PFM reforms in Tajikistan (2020)
  • Enabel – Expertise in public finance management and internal control in developing countries (2019)


  • EC – Wide range of PFM training delivered over the years to EU HQ and EUD staff, as well as representatives of beneficiary governments.
  • Malian Ministry of Finance – Training managers to conduct PEFA self-assessments (2017)

Evaluations & studies

  • EC – Evaluation of EU’s support to public administration reform including public finance management in neighbourhood and accession countries (ongoing)
  • AFD – Evaluation of the Facility for Orientation and Coordination of Expertise in Financial Governance (ongoing)
  • AFD –  Ex-post evaluation of the Budget Support Program for Sustainable Forest Management in Türkiye (ongoing)
  • EC – 2023 review of EU budget support portfolio and EU actions on domestic revenue mobilisation and public finance management
  • EC – Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) in Togo (2023)
  • EC – Support mission to the EU Delegation in Togo for the disbursement of budget support for 2023 and 2024 (ongoing)
  • EC –  Study on taxation and business environment in Niger (2023)
  • EC – Review of Budget Support Tranches 2023 and 2024 for the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) IV programme in Georgia (2023)
  • EC – Georgia : Review of Sector Reform Performance Contract – Skills Development and Matching for Labour Market needs in Georgia (2021) + 4 & 5 tranches (ongoing)
  • EC – Evaluation of EU’s Collect More Spend Better (2023)
  • Jordan (EC) : Support to Economic Governance and Reforms in Jordan – identification and formulation (ongoing)
  • Egypt (EC) : Support to PFM reform in Egypt (ongoing)
  • Mozambique (UNICEF) : Technical Assistance to the Implementation of the SPO reform (planning and budgeting reform as part of the sub-systems constituting the SISTAFE Law governing Public Finance Management in Mozambique) – ongoing
  • EC – Mongolia : Support to policy dialogue on PFM (2023)
  • EC – PEFA evaluation in Uganda (2021)
  • AfDB and EC – Wide range of strategic level evaluations including public financial management programmes