Project and programme evaluation

ADE conducts numerous project and programme evaluations. This comprises notably mid-term and final evaluations, conducted through Framework contracts.

Project examples

  • EC – Evaluation sectorielle de la coopération de l’UE au Mali et préparation de la programmation (2021)
  • EC – Evaluation mi-parcours de trois programmes d’appui budgétaire au Niger (2021)
  • EC – Improving the synergies between social protection and public finance management (ongoing)
  • EC – Evaluation finale du Contrat de Bonne Gouvernance et de Développement, au Cameroun (ongoing)
  • EC – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa District Governance Community Development Final Evaluation in Pakistan (ongoing)
  • EC – Mid-Term Evaluation of the Justice and Accountability Reform (JAR) Programme in Uganda (ongoing)
  • Enable – Mid-term review of Enabel’s Portfolio in Benin during the period 2019-2023 (key sectors: agri-business and value chains, port of Cotonou, sexual and reproductive health services) (ongoing)
  • Enabel – Opening up programme in the Tshopo District, DRC – Final review (2021)
  • Enabel – Private Sector Participation in the Generation and Distribution of Electricity from Renewables Sources – Mid-term Review, Rwanda (2021)
  • Enabel – Support program for the livestock sector development (PRADEL) – Mid-term review, Niger (2020)
  • Enabel – Project to support the reduction of rural emigration and reintegration in the Groundnut Basin area (PARERBA) – Mid-term review, Senegal (2020)