This Framework Contract (FWC) provides expertise for the implementation of External Aid. The European Commission (EC) has streamlined procurement procedures through FWCs to increase flexibility in the provision of expertise and technical assistance (TA) at short notice to the benefit of partner countries.

The FWC has no overall contract amount or maximum budget. The contract amount is fixed at the level of each individual assignment in the Specific Contract and the maximum value of a specific contract under this framework contract cannot exceed EUR 999 999.

Beneficiaries are mainly ACP (Africa-Caribbean-Pacific) countries, but also the countries of the ENPI (European Neighbourhood policy), ALA (Asia and Latin America) countries, candidates and potential candidates to join the European Union.

The scope of services requested under the projects relate to the full project cycle: identification, feasibility, operational and technical follow-up assignments, financial and/or contractual monitoring, project evaluation, technical, financial or contractual audit of the project, technical advice and support, information and communication, or closure of a project.