Private sector development

Private sector development (PSD) is widely recognised by the international community as an engine of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and development. ADE has solid experience in evaluating PSD policies and programmes, in particular in developing countries.  The private sector creates jobs and markets, builds infrastructure, supports the delivery of public services, stimulates tax revenues and fosters innovation. In a conducive business environment with supportive policies, the private sector is a critical catalyst for development.

Key services include

  • Evaluation of PSD policies and programmes
  • Evaluation of PSD components within wider country-level or sectoral evaluations
  • Technical assistance on a range of specific topics within the business environment including institutional and regulatory frameworks, job creation, enterprise competitiveness, access to technology and markets, investment promotion and innovation

Project examples

  • SES – Evaluation of the Belgian cooperation’s support to the private sector – PSD and PS4D (2018)
  • AfDB – Evaluation of African Development Bank support to agricultural value chains (2017)
  • EC – Evaluation of EU support to Private Sector Development in partner countries (2013)