Job creation and training

Job creation is essential for every economy aiming to remain competitive and inclusive. ADE has expertise in evaluating social and employment policies overall, as well as specific experience in designing training systems at the national level. These include programme performance training in developing countries and the implementation of effective infrastructure for training delivery.

Social and employment policies typically aim to promote a skilled and adaptable workforce and build labour markets responsive to economic change, with the aim of achieving full employment and improved social outcomes. Training is a key component for upgrading skills and supporting workers in adapting their competencies to new emerging trends.


Key services include

  • Support for the development of Labour Market Information Systems and data collection tools to monitor employment integration and performance of workfare policies
  • Contributions to the strategic and operational planning of national policies for vocational training, employment, and quality standards
  • Evaluation of social and employment policies and training programmes, vocational training systems, and educational performance of organisations