Primary data collection

ADE is known for its capacity, creativity, and agility in generating reliable and relevant first-hand data. ADE teams are solution-oriented and deploy rigorous approaches to collect data at different beneficiary levels to provide evidence-based recommendations. We always look for the right balance between quantitative and qualitative data given the evaluation objectives and resources. Ethical considerations and GDPR are central to our data management systems.

Developing and conducting primary data collection practices is at the core of our work.

  • Strong internal know-how supported by a global network of local experts
  • Extensive experience in first-hand data collection, including in fragile context and remote areas
  • Mixed method approaches both in the field and remotely
  • (Household) surveys using the most appropriate format (CAPI, CAPI-G, phone, online)
  • Surveys using the most appropriate software (SurveyCTO, KoboTool Box, Limesurvey, SurveyMonkey, Sensemaker)
  • Qualitative data collection through focus group discussions, sensemaking workshops and key stakeholder interviews, as well as established approaches such as Rapid Rural Appraisal