Policy and strategy evaluation

Evaluation of public policies and strategies, and of institutions and aid modalities, lies at the heart of ADE’s activity. We specialise in complex evaluations, often covering multiple sectors or countries. Typical exercises are thematic/policy evaluations, country-strategy evaluations, institutional evaluations, and evaluations of aid modalities (such as CAP, environmental evaluations, budget support, blended finance, COVID response, and channeling through the UN/WB/Member States/CSOs).

We guarantee the high quality of these evaluations by: 

  • Combining highly skilled in-house staff, associate consultants, and freelance experts, in multidisciplinary teams
  • Paying high attention to evaluation design, centered on the strategic questions which matter most and deploying state-of-the-art evaluation tools and techniques
  • Deploying a stakeholders engagement strategy to enrich the analysis and foster results appropriation
  • Actively participating at dissemination and communication events
  • Providing strong back-office support and quality assurance

Project examples

  • WFP – Strategic evaluation of WFP’s use of technology in constrained environments (ongoing)
  • SES – Evaluation of Belgium’s International Climate Finance (2021)
  • WFP – Evaluation of WFP’s Country Strategic Plan for Lebanon (2021)
  • EC – Evaluation of the socio-economic effects of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (2021)
  • EC – Evaluation of EU State Building Contracts (2020)
  • NORAD – Evaluation of Norway’s Aid Concentration (2020)
  • AfDB – Evaluation of the Country Strategy and Programme of the African Development Bank in Ivory Coast (2018)
  • NL – Evaluation of the Dutch Infrastructure Development Fund managed by FMO (2018)
  • DANIDA – Evaluation of DANIDA Niger Country Programme (2018)