Evaluation of the African Development Bank Group’s Country Strategy and Program in Kenya carried out by ADE

Key words
  • Regional development
  • Private sector development
  • Job creation and training
  • Agricultural value chains
  • Data and development
  • Gender and youth
  • Education

ADE carried out data collection activities during three weeks in April and May 2023 in close contact with key stakeholders and local partners.

During the field phase, on-site visits to projects in sectors including transport, agriculture, power, water, social, public, and private were carried out. These field visits will support a comprehensive assessment of the projects and their effects on the ground. By conducting these field visits and engaging with various stakeholders, ADE’s evaluation team sought to gather first-hand information and insights.

The evaluation aims to assess the design and implementation of the AfDB’s strategy, programs, and operations. It also aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the AfDB’s CSPs in achieving expected development outcomes. Additionally, the evaluation will identify operational factors that either facilitated or hindered successful implementation. The goal is to derive evidence-based lessons that can contribute to the improved design and implementation of the next cycle of the AfDB’s CSP in Kenya.

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