Evaluation of Agriculture, Water and Sanitation and Vocational Training projects funded by the Belgian technical cooperation

Key words
  • Private sector development
  • Agricultural value chains
  • Rural development
  • Food security
  • Education
  • Health
  • Water and sanitation
  • Development cooperation

ADE conducted the final evaluations of seven development programmes and projects implemented by Enabel in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The interventions included two agricultural development programmes, two projects supporting technical education and vocational training, and three projects linked to supply of drinking water and sanitation systems, in the provinces of Oriental Kasaï, Maniema, Tshopo and South Kivu.

The expected outcome of the agricultural development programmes are that the income of the targeted family farms derived from their agricultural activities increase in a sustainable way and follow a process that respects the environment. The technical education and vocational training programmes aim is that the improved institutional and organisational framework enable learners (including a higher proportion of girls), to achieve relevant and quality training including practical courses, internships, and support for professional integration. As for the water and sanitation projects, their expected outcome is to guarantee a sustainable access to drinking water and improve hygiene behaviours in the respected provinces and cities targeted.

The evaluations namely supported Enabel’s piloting, learning and redevability duties and participated to the agency’s strategic reflection towards the future of its partnership with DRC, in order to better support the country’s effort towards sustainable development.

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