EU-UN cooperation – Evaluation launched

Key words
  • Environment and climate change
  • Fragility, conflict, peace and security
  • Migration
  • Digitalisation
  • Humanitarian response

As part of DG NEAR’s Strategic Evaluation Plan for 2020-2024, ADE is currently conducting an evaluation of the European Union’s cooperation with the United Nations entities.


With the European Union entering a new political and financial cycle, the von der Leyen Commission has set a clear path towards a fair, climate-neutral, and digital Europe by establishing 6 priority fields of action.


The current evaluation is looking at how these fields of action have shaped the EU cooperation with the UN entities in previous years, covering all funding by Commission DGs and services to the UN family, all the while taking into consideration the cross-cutting issue of promoting gender equality and women’s rights in international development cooperation.

Through a lessons-learning and forward-looking approach, the findings of this evaluation will identify key lessons and produce recommendations in order to inform EU decision makers on how to improve the current and future cooperation between the EU and the UN in the context of reinforcing multilateralism and fostering a stronger Europe in the world.


The evaluation is based on a rigorous data collection, a solid analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and an appropriate triangulation of sources, drawing from ADE’s strong experience with both institutional frameworks.


It is managed by ADE, who is collaborating with Data-Pop Alliance, a global coalition on big data and development, composed by leading experts on digitalisation.

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