ADE participating at the conference “Towards more evidence based policy”

Key words
  • Private sector development
  • Job creation and training
  • Data and development
  • Gender and youth

On May 9th, Tatiana Goetghebuer, head of Impact department at ADE, and Cécilia De Decker, director of the Special Evaluation Office presented together at the conference “Impact evaluation of public policies: towards more evidence based policy” organized by the Belgian Planning Bureau and BOSA institution (Strategy and Support).

They explained the use and importance of impact evaluations in the Belgian Development Cooperation. Tatiana presented the main findings and methodological approach of a recent impact evaluation conducted by ADE on Min Ajliki programme. Min Ajliki programme, supporting women entrepreneurship in Morocco, has been implemented by APEFE and its partners from 2017 until 2021.

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