Improving Decision-Making through Data-Enabled Learning


What is WIND-MEAL?

ADE and DPA have created WIND-MEAL, a portfolio of services aimed to build and improve MEAL systems, with a focus on accountability (A) up to impact, and on learning perspectives (L) to generate continuous meaningful knowledge to support better decision-making. Based on our experience and values, ADE and DPA develop MEAL systems that are participative, relevant, reliable, realistic, agile, and impact-oriented.


Evidence-based and agile decision-making is essential to the success of any policy, programme, or project, especially in times of turmoil and uncertainty. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems are meant to report on the progress and impacts of specific interventions. However, traditional M&E systems mostly assess activities and outputs, often falling short of rigorously measuring outcomes and impacts. Accountability standards are hence only partly met, and learning opportunities are often overlooked.

Our services

The WIND-MEAL service portfolio includes a series of activities that can be combined in a modular manner, depending on the requirements and needs of the client. The MEAL system could be created from scratch or adapted to an existing system, integrating different sources of data and meeting different accountability and learning objectives.

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Fostering a culture of data, evaluation and learning

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Identifying strengths and weaknesses of existing M&E systems

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Data Roadmap

Constructing robust and reliable data life cycles

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Insight creation

Transforming data analysis into a strong data storytelling

Potential application domains

A WIND-MEAL solution can be adapted to many different settings, including:

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Digital 4 Development

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Women Economic Empowerment

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Entrepreneurship and the Development of the Private Sector

Our partnership

Since 2019, ADE and DPA have established strong ties in the evaluation of programmes and policies in international development for different clients and covering a wide range of geographical areas. ADE and DPA have complementary expertise bringing true comparative advantage in the MEAL ecosystem.