UGANDA : Quality Assurance (QA) for the Design, Supply and Implementation of an Integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) System for the Government of Uganda
2018.07.16 to 2019.10.31

LATIN AMERICA : Evaluación de Medio Término del PRACAMS (Programa Regional de Apoyo a la Calidad y a la Aplicación de Medidas Sanitarias y Fitosanitarias) en Centroamérica
2013.10.07 to 2013.12.31

EGYPT : Preparation of an Institutional Twinning Project/Technical Assistance in support of the Egyptian Organisation for Standards
2013.05.07 to 2014.01.31

BANGLADESH : Mid term Evaluation of Better Work and Standards Programme (BEST)
2013.02.07 to 2013.08.15

JORDAN : Technical Assistance for Implementation of an Upgraded Quality System
2012.01.02 to 2013.03.31

JORDAN : Final Evaluation of the Programmes “Support to Regulatory Reform and Privatization in Infrastructure” (SRRP)
2011.12.05 to 2012.12.31

CHINA : Final Evaluation of the EU-China Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR2)
2011.05.11 to 2011.06.30

SAINT PIERRE AND MIQUELON : Feasibility Study on a Key Measure of Saint-Pierre-et Miquelon Strategic Development Plan
2010.08.25 to 2011.07.19

ARMENIA : Harmonization with EU standards and institution building of the State Inspectorate of Protection of Markets and Consumer Rights
2010.08.09 to 2011.09.06

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Approximation of standards and practices of antimonopoly regulating of the operations of self-regulating organizations
2010.07.15 to 2011.12.01

MACEDONIA : Technical Assistance to the Insurance Supervisory Agency – Support in the area of risk-based supervision
2010.05.18 to 2011.06.30

UGANDA : Final Evaluation of the EU Support to the Competitiveness and Investment Climate Strategy - CICS
2010.03.23 to 2010.07.29

GEORGIA : Support to the Georgian National Agency for Standards, Technical Regulations and Metrology for the elaboration of a Twinning Project Fiche.
2009.11.13 to 2010.09.21

AZERBAIJAN : Support to the Copyright Agency of the Azerbaijan Republic to prepare for a twinning fiche to strengthen the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Azerbaijan
2009.07.15 to 2010.01.15

CHINA : Mid-term Evaluation of the EU-China Project on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR2)
2009.07.06 to 2009.08.18