ACP COUNTRIES : Assessment of EU interventions in relation to the private sector under the various financial instruments dedicated to the banana and sugar sectors
2014.01.14 to 2014.05.15

UGANDA : Final Evaluation of the Economic Partnership Agreement Related Trade and Private Sector Support Programme (EPA TAPSS)
2013.12.06 to 2014.01.15

BELARUS : Final evaluation of the AAP 2007 Support to the Implementation of a Comprehensive Energy Policy
2013.10.14 to 2014.01.30

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : Élaboration d’un plan de visibilité et de communication pour le programme PDD
2013.05.01 to 2013.11.01

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Development of Enterprise Europe Network in Russia
2011.12.12 to 2012.11.30

ACP COUNTRIES : Mid Term Review of the BizClim Programme
2011.12.07 to 2012.04.07

KENYA : Short Term Technical Assistance to ASMEP Programme Management Unit (PMU)
2011.08.29 to 2013.03.31

ETHIOPIA : Support to the formulation of the Transforming Triggering Facility (TTF)
2011.08.15 to 2011.10.31

2011.08.08 to 2011.11.30

BURKINA FASO : Etude pour la formulation d’un programme d’appui au secteur privé du Burkina Faso – Phase 2
2010.10.21 to 2011.03.31

CHAD : Appui à la mise en place de l’ANIE
2010.04.19 to 2010.08.05

KENYA : Assistance to Micro and Small Enterprises Programme
2010.04.16 to 2010.04.30

MOROCCO : Evaluation finale Ex Post du Programme d'Appui aux Entreprises
2009.12.08 to 2010.06.09

GHANA : Formulation of the 2nd phase of the private sector and trade enabling programme (PSTEP II)
2009.11.19 to 2010.09.29

SAINT LUCIA : Technical Assistance to Rural Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, St. Lucia
2009.11.06 to 2010.03.10

CAMEROON : Diagnostic des sous secteurs des mines et géologie et du dispositif de la propriété industrielle
2009.06.15 to 2009.10.31

UKRAINE : Support to the Introduction and Implementation of the European Charter for Small Enterprises in Ukraine
2008.12.03 to 2010.02.04

AFGHANISTAN : Technical Review of Project "Afghanistan Variety and Seed Industry Development Project"- Technical assistance
2008.10.19 to 2008.11.22

SIERRA LEONE : Study on the micro-finance sector capacity building in Sierra Leone
2007.10.15 to 2008.04.15

MONTENEGRO : Privatisation transaction advisory assistance
2007.06.11 to 2008.06.10

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Design of a tourism master plan for two Croatian countries
2006.12.22 to 2008.01.21

MEDA : Analysis of Tourism Strategies and Policies in the FEMIP countries and Proposals for Sub-Regional Tourism Development
2006.12.10 to 2007.04.30