VIET NAM : Mid-term evaluation of the European Trade Policy and Investment Support Project
2015.04.01 to 2015.07.30

ASIA : Evaluation of the Central Invest Programme
2014.04.15 to 2015.07.14

EGYPT : Support to the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade for the Development of Terms of Reference and Tender Dossiers for Trade Related Services
2014.01.12 to 2015.09.30

SADC : Technical Assistance to implement SADC trade related assistance programmes
2013.11.18 to 2015.10.17

CHINA : Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project “EU-China Trade Projectt II (EUCTP II)”
2013.04.02 to 2013.07.01

YEMEN : Formulation of National Export Strategy
2013.03.15 to 2013.12.31

JORDAN : Needs assessment for the Ministry of Industry and Trade within the framework of the EU-Jordan ENP Action Plan
2013.02.18 to 2013.06.12

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : Assistance Technique auprès de la Commission de la CEMAC en appui au démarrage des activités du PACIE
2013.02.04 to 2014.05.10

JAMAICA : Identification and Formulation of EPA-II
2012.10.29 to 2013.06.28

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : Support Ministry of Economy in “Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area” Related Mapping of Assistance
2012.10.15 to 2013.08.30

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC : Asistencia técnica para la evaluación final de Programa del Desarrollo de Capacidades en apoyo a las Políticas Sectoriales en el área de Competitividad.
2012.10.08 to 2012.12.15

BOTSWANA : Enhancing the operational design of the Trade Related Facility (TRF)
2012.08.28 to 2013.06.12

LAO PEOPLE S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC : Moderation of the Europe-Asia Business Forum
2012.08.26 to 2013.01.17

TURKEY : Technical Assistance to the EU Delegation to Turkey for the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme
2012.08.06 to 2014.01.01

PHILIPPINES : Final Evaluation for EU-Philippines Trade Related Technical Assistance 2
2012.08.06 to 2012.11.07

SUDAN : Final Evaluation of the Sudan EPA Negotiations and Implementation
2012.07.05 to 2012.11.19

BLACK SEA COUNTRIES : ENPI Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) Black Sea Programme - Evaluation of project proposals
2012.03.20 to 2012.08.28

ZIMBABWE : ZimTrade turn around Strategy : 2012 to 2017
2012.03.10 to 2012.07.10

PAKISTAN : Need assessment of Trade and Trade Related Technical Assistance
2012.01.15 to 2012.07.27

ZIMBABWE : Support for the finalization of the Zimbabwe National Trade Policy
2011.11.02 to 2012.07.10

TIMOR-LESTE : Senior Trade and Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry of Timor-Leste
2011.10.03 to 2012.07.29

NIGERIA : Formulation Mission for the Support to Trade and Regional Integration Programme under the National Indicative Plan for the 10th EDF
2011.01.25 to 2011.06.30

VIET NAM : Formulation Mission for European Trade and Investment Support Project (ETIS)
2010.12.16 to 2011.06.30

PARAGUAY : Mision de apoyo al arranque del proyecto "Apoyo a la integración económica del Paraguay"
2010.11.12 to 2011.06.30

EGYPT : Formulation and Technical Design of Trade Policy and Competitiveness Programme
2010.11.11 to 2011.07.23

Congo (ex Zaire), Democratic Republic of : Technical Assistance for the Support to Trade Programme (AIDCOM)
2010.11.01 to 2015.06.14

INDONESIA : Technical Capacity to support the work of the vision group enhancing EU-Indonesia Trade and Investment relations
2010.10.08 to 2011.11.08

ZIMBABWE : Support to the drafting of the Zimbabwe national trade policy
2010.09.27 to 2010.12.15

KENYA : Identification and formulation of EC TRA activities in Kenya.
2010.08.31 to 2011.06.30

PAPUA NEW GUINEA : EDF 10 – Identification and Formulation of TRA support in PNG
2010.06.04 to 2011.03.31

PERU : Evaluación de Medio Término del Proyecto ''Facilidad de Cooperación UE-CAN para la asistencia técnica al Comercio (FAT)''.
2010.05.20 to 2010.09.21

TURKMENISTAN : Formulation for the support to Economic Policies Programme for Turkmenistan (AAP 2010)
2010.03.23 to 2011.12.31

CAMEROON : Elaboration de la stratégie de la compétitivité
2010.01.26 to 2010.10.29

MEXICO : Misión de formulación del proyecto en materia de competitividad CE-México
2009.11.09 to 2010.07.07

CENTRAL AFRICA : Pilot Study on Fight Against Anti-Competitive Practices in Central Africa - The Telecom Case
2008.09.08 to 2009.05.30

CHINA : Support to China's Integration into the World Trading System (Phase 2)
2008.04.10 to 2008.05.28

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : Support to the preparation of 3 Twinning Fiches (Competition, Intellectual Property Rights and Procurement)
2008.04.09 to 2008.01.10

BURUNDI : AT dans le cadre des négociations de l'accord de partenariat économique avec l'UE
2007.05.29 to 2007.11.30

SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC : The Implementation of the EU-Syria Association Agreement: Need Assessment of Trade-Related Assistance
2007.03.15 to 2007.08.18