WORLDWIDE : Evaluation of contract HUM/2018/41579 Improving the synergies between social protection and public finance management
2021.10.01 to 2022.09.26

KYRGYZSTAN : Public awareness raising and visibility of the EU-funded Budget Support operations in Kyrgyzstan
2021.06.01 to 2023.06.01

EGYPT : Support to PFM reforms in Egypt
2021.02.25 to 2023.02.25

VANUATU : Communication & Visibility EU – Vanuatu development cooperation
2020.12.12 to 2021.12.12

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : ENPARD Moldova – Support to Agriculture and Rural Development
2020.09.15 to 2021.01.30

WORLDWIDE : Feasibility study on options for strengthening the future European financial architecture for development
2020.08.24 to 2021.08.23

JAMAICA : Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Justice and sector entities to support the review and development of sector policy and practices for greater coherence in the justice reform process in Jamaica
2019.10.14 to 2021.01.31

BENIN : Assistance technique en Webdesign et infographie en appui à la transparence budgétaire au Bénin.
2019.06.01 to 2021.01.31

TUNISIA : Assistance pour le renforcement des capacités de l’unité de la prospective et des analyses des politiques financières de la DGRE
2019.04.15 to 2021.04.14

EGYPT : Independent Evaluation of the African Development Bank's Strategy and Program in Egypt 2009-2018
2019.04.08 to 1900.01.01

GABON : Recrutement d’une assistance technique pour l’appui à la reformulation des missions de la cellule de coordination et de suivi du programme indicatif régional (PIR) et à l’élaboration d’un programme d’appui à l’ordonnateur régional du 11ème fed pour l’Afrique centrale (CEEAC)
2019.02.01 to 2019.06.01

THAILAND : Support Measures in Strengthening Capacity of CSOs
2018.08.01 to 2020.10.16

MALAWI : Gender Analysis of the European Union’s Infrastructure Sectors in Malawi
2018.07.16 to 2019.09.01

UGANDA : Quality Assurance (QA) for the Design, Supply and Implementation of an Integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) System for the Government of Uganda
2018.07.16 to 2019.10.31

MALI : Appui au Secrétariat à l’Harmonisation de l’Aide et à la Cellule Technique du Cadre Stratégique de Lutte contre la Pauvreté
2018.04.02 to 2020.03.31

TUNISIA : Conduite d’une revue fonctionnelle auprès du Ministère de l’équipement de l’habitat et de l’aménagement du territoire dans le cadre de la réforme de l’administration et de la fonction publique tunisienne
2017.12.15 to 2018.05.15

GAMBIA : Final Evaluation of the Project ‘Support to the Implementation of the Gambia – EU Cooperation’ in the Gambia
2017.04.18 to 2017.08.31

TUNISIA : Identification et formulation de la troisième phase du programme d’appui à la réforme de la Justice en Tunisie (PARJ3)
2017.01.16 to 2017.10.24

LAO PEOPLE S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC : Identification and Formulation of EU Action in Support of Public Administration and Public Finance Management
2016.09.15 to 2017.09.30

ALGERIA : Support au collectif des associations de défense des droits des victimes de violences
2016.09.15 to 2017.08.31

WORLDWIDE : Analysis of internal and external consultations on the new consensus
2016.07.18 to 2016.11.30

UGANDA : Development of a Monitoring Framework for the Uganda NIP – 11th EDF
2016.02.15 to 2016.04.01

TURKEY : Assistance to the Delegation of the European Union on IPA II Period Preparations for the Transport Sector Operational
2015.11.30 to 2016.12.01

LESOTHO : Mid-Term Review of the Deepening Decentralisation and Non State Actors Programme
2015.06.15 to 2015.07.15

2015.05.30 to 2015.08.31

MEDA : Formulation Terms of Reference Euromed Justice IV
2015.05.11 to 2015.07.30

VIET NAM : Mid-term evaluation of the European Trade Policy and Investment Support Project
2015.04.01 to 2015.07.30

ASIA : Evaluation of the Central Invest Programme
2014.04.15 to 2015.07.14

BALKANS : Mid-term Review of Partnership Programme for CSOs
2014.04.01 to 2014.09.30

YEMEN : Assistance to the Yemeni Ministry of Finance to Reform the Economic Units Department
2014.02.01 to 2015.08.15

GHANA : Identification and formulation mission for support to rule of law, accountability and anti-corruption in Ghana
2014.01.30 to 2015.07.30

ACP COUNTRIES : Assessment of EU interventions in relation to the private sector under the various financial instruments dedicated to the banana and sugar sectors
2014.01.14 to 2014.05.15

EGYPT : Support to the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade for the Development of Terms of Reference and Tender Dossiers for Trade Related Services
2014.01.12 to 2015.09.30

WORLDWIDE : Multiple Framework Contract to Recruit Short-Term Services in the Exclusive Interest of Third Countries Benefiting from European Union External Aid LOT N° - 7 Governance and Home affairs
2014.01.01 to 2017.12.31

WORLDWIDE : Multiple Framework Contract to Recruit Short-Term Services in the Exclusive Interest of Third Countries Benefiting from European Union External Aid Lot 11 - Macro economy, Statistics and Public finance management
2014.01.01 to 2017.12.31

SERBIA : Assistance to the introduction of the simplified cost options in EU-funded grants in Serbia
2013.12.17 to 2014.04.15

UGANDA : Final Evaluation of the Economic Partnership Agreement Related Trade and Private Sector Support Programme (EPA TAPSS)
2013.12.06 to 2014.01.15

SOUTH AFRICA : Assessors for the Call for Proposals-Citizens in Action
2013.11.25 to 2014.01.31

SADC : Technical Assistance to implement SADC trade related assistance programmes
2013.11.18 to 2015.10.17

BELARUS : Final evaluation of the AAP 2007 Support to the Implementation of a Comprehensive Energy Policy
2013.10.14 to 2014.01.30

LATIN AMERICA : Evaluación de Medio Término del PRACAMS (Programa Regional de Apoyo a la Calidad y a la Aplicación de Medidas Sanitarias y Fitosanitarias) en Centroamérica
2013.10.07 to 2013.12.31

IVORY COAST : Appui à la Programmation du FED XI dans le secteur de la Gouvernance en Côte d’Ivoire
2013.09.30 to 2015.09.30

MOROCCO : Mission d'instruction du futur programme d'appui à la formation professionnelle
2013.09.15 to 2015.12.31

JORDAN : Technical Assistance to the Executive Secretariat for Trade and Transport Facilitation
2013.07.23 to 2015.09.30

EGYPT : Preparation of an Institutional Twinning Project/Technical Assistance in support of the Egyptian Organisation for Standards
2013.05.07 to 2014.01.31

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : Élaboration d’un plan de visibilité et de communication pour le programme PDD
2013.05.01 to 2013.11.01

CHINA : Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project “EU-China Trade Projectt II (EUCTP II)”
2013.04.02 to 2013.07.01

MONTENEGRO : Support to the development of IT Strategy aligned with the Business Strategy for the Customs Administration of Montenegro
2013.03.30 to 2013.11.08

YEMEN : Formulation of National Export Strategy
2013.03.15 to 2013.12.31

JORDAN : Needs assessment for the Ministry of Industry and Trade within the framework of the EU-Jordan ENP Action Plan
2013.02.18 to 2013.06.12

BANGLADESH : Mid term Evaluation of Better Work and Standards Programme (BEST)
2013.02.07 to 2013.08.15

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : Assistance Technique auprès de la Commission de la CEMAC en appui au démarrage des activités du PACIE
2013.02.04 to 2014.05.10

JAMAICA : Identification and Formulation of EPA-II
2012.10.29 to 2013.06.28

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : Support Ministry of Economy in “Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area” Related Mapping of Assistance
2012.10.15 to 2013.08.30

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC : Asistencia técnica para la evaluación final de Programa del Desarrollo de Capacidades en apoyo a las Políticas Sectoriales en el área de Competitividad.
2012.10.08 to 2012.12.15

BOTSWANA : Enhancing the operational design of the Trade Related Facility (TRF)
2012.08.28 to 2013.06.12

LAO PEOPLE S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC : Moderation of the Europe-Asia Business Forum
2012.08.26 to 2013.01.17

PHILIPPINES : Final Evaluation for EU-Philippines Trade Related Technical Assistance 2
2012.08.06 to 2012.11.07

TURKEY : Technical Assistance to the EU Delegation to Turkey for the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme
2012.08.06 to 2014.01.01

SERBIA : Support to State Aid Authorities in republic of Serbia for the alignment of State Aid schemes with EU Acquis
2012.08.02 to 2013.05.30

TOGO : Appui à la formulation du XIème FED au Togo
2012.07.16 to 2013.03.30

TOGO : Support to the CAON : CAON management and piloting
2012.07.16 to 2013.07.31

SUDAN : Final Evaluation of the Sudan EPA Negotiations and Implementation
2012.07.05 to 2012.11.19

CHAD : Recruitment of a team of experts in the framework of the criminal law reform
2012.05.02 to 2013.01.25

ACP COUNTRIES : Study on Social Protection in sub-Saharan Africa
2012.03.30 to 2013.03.31

BLACK SEA COUNTRIES : ENPI Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) Black Sea Programme - Evaluation of project proposals
2012.03.20 to 2012.08.28

ZIMBABWE : ZimTrade turn around Strategy : 2012 to 2017
2012.03.10 to 2012.07.10

IVORY COAST : Etude d’identification d’un programme de soutien aux syndicats du secteur des transports routiers en Côte d’Ivoire
2012.03.05 to 2012.07.30

ZIMBABWE : Programme-based evaluation of the crisis response and crisis preparedness components in Zimbabwe under the EU’s Instrument for Stability for the period 2009-2011.
2012.02.10 to 2012.03.31

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Provision of technical assistance for IPA IIIc Programmes - Regional Competitiveness
2012.02.01 to 2012.12.10

WORLDWIDE : EIDHR support to EU Delegations
2012.01.16 to 2013.01.18

PAKISTAN : Need assessment of Trade and Trade Related Technical Assistance
2012.01.15 to 2012.07.27

JORDAN : Technical Assistance for Implementation of an Upgraded Quality System
2012.01.02 to 2013.03.31

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Development of Enterprise Europe Network in Russia
2011.12.12 to 2012.11.30

ACP COUNTRIES : Mid Term Review of the BizClim Programme
2011.12.07 to 2012.04.07

JORDAN : Final Evaluation of the Programmes “Support to Regulatory Reform and Privatization in Infrastructure” (SRRP)
2011.12.05 to 2012.12.31

LEBANON : Support to Parliamentary Development in Lebanon
2011.12.01 to 2012.03.01

ZIMBABWE : Support for the finalization of the Zimbabwe National Trade Policy
2011.11.02 to 2012.07.10

PAPUA NEW GUINEA : Support to Non State Actors in Papua New Guinea: Final Evaluation
2011.10.24 to 2012.01.18

TIMOR-LESTE : Senior Trade and Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry of Timor-Leste
2011.10.03 to 2012.07.29

KENYA : Short Term Technical Assistance to ASMEP Programme Management Unit (PMU)
2011.08.29 to 2013.03.31

GEORGIA : Evaluate the impact of EU Sector Policy Support Programmes
2011.08.21 to 2012.08.01

ETHIOPIA : Support to the formulation of the Transforming Triggering Facility (TTF)
2011.08.15 to 2011.10.31

2011.08.08 to 2011.11.30

CHINA : Final Evaluation of the EU-China Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR2)
2011.05.11 to 2011.06.30

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : Appui à la formulation du Rapport Annuel Conjoint 2010
2011.03.10 to 2012.01.18

MACEDONIA : Support to the transition of the Civil Service Agency into the Agency of Administration
2011.02.18 to 2012.07.04

NIGERIA : Formulation Mission for the Support to Trade and Regional Integration Programme under the National Indicative Plan for the 10th EDF
2011.01.25 to 2011.06.30

WORLDWIDE : FWC COM LOT 1 – « Studies and Technical Assistance in all sectors »
2011.01.15 to 2013.01.15

VIET NAM : Formulation Mission for European Trade and Investment Support Project (ETIS)
2010.12.16 to 2011.06.30

PARAGUAY : Mision de apoyo al arranque del proyecto "Apoyo a la integración económica del Paraguay"
2010.11.12 to 2011.06.30

EGYPT : Formulation and Technical Design of Trade Policy and Competitiveness Programme
2010.11.11 to 2011.07.23

Congo (ex Zaire), Democratic Republic of : Technical Assistance for the Support to Trade Programme (AIDCOM)
2010.11.01 to 2015.06.14

BURKINA FASO : Etude pour la formulation d’un programme d’appui au secteur privé du Burkina Faso – Phase 2
2010.10.21 to 2011.03.31

INDONESIA : Technical Capacity to support the work of the vision group enhancing EU-Indonesia Trade and Investment relations
2010.10.08 to 2011.11.08

ZIMBABWE : Support to the drafting of the Zimbabwe national trade policy
2010.09.27 to 2010.12.15

KENYA : Identification and formulation of EC TRA activities in Kenya.
2010.08.31 to 2011.06.30

SAINT PIERRE AND MIQUELON : Feasibility Study on a Key Measure of Saint-Pierre-et Miquelon Strategic Development Plan
2010.08.25 to 2011.07.19

CHAD : Recrutement d’une équipe d’assistants techniques experts en formation continue des personnels de justice
2010.08.16 to 2011.11.30

ARMENIA : Harmonization with EU standards and institution building of the State Inspectorate of Protection of Markets and Consumer Rights
2010.08.09 to 2011.09.06

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Country Programme Interim Evaluation (CPiE)
2010.07.29 to 2011.04.30

RUSSIAN FEDERATION : Approximation of standards and practices of antimonopoly regulating of the operations of self-regulating organizations
2010.07.15 to 2011.12.01

ETHIOPIA : Support to the division of labor and aid effectiveness process in Ethiopia
2010.06.25 to 2011.07.24

PAPUA NEW GUINEA : EDF 10 – Identification and Formulation of TRA support in PNG
2010.06.04 to 2011.03.31

PERU : Evaluación de Medio Término del Proyecto ''Facilidad de Cooperación UE-CAN para la asistencia técnica al Comercio (FAT)''.
2010.05.20 to 2010.09.21

MACEDONIA : Technical Assistance to the Insurance Supervisory Agency – Support in the area of risk-based supervision
2010.05.18 to 2011.06.30

CHAD : Appui à la mise en place de l’ANIE
2010.04.19 to 2010.08.05

KENYA : Assistance to Micro and Small Enterprises Programme
2010.04.16 to 2010.04.30

UGANDA : Final Evaluation of the EU Support to the Competitiveness and Investment Climate Strategy - CICS
2010.03.23 to 2010.07.29

TURKMENISTAN : Formulation for the support to Economic Policies Programme for Turkmenistan (AAP 2010)
2010.03.23 to 2011.12.31

ETHIOPIA : Exploratory Mission to Ethiopia 2010
2010.02.02 to 2010.06.15

CAMEROON : Elaboration de la stratégie de la compétitivité
2010.01.26 to 2010.10.29

ALGERIA : Evaluation du projet d'appui aux associations algériennes de développement ONG II
2009.12.28 to 2011.05.10

MOROCCO : Evaluation finale Ex Post du Programme d'Appui aux Entreprises
2009.12.08 to 2010.06.09

CAMEROON : Finalisation et opérationnalisation de la stratégie de la justice
2009.11.22 to 2010.02.13

GHANA : Formulation of the 2nd phase of the private sector and trade enabling programme (PSTEP II)
2009.11.19 to 2010.09.29

SERBIA : GAP assessment for DIS under IPA components III and IV
2009.11.16 to 2010.04.26

GEORGIA : Support to the Georgian National Agency for Standards, Technical Regulations and Metrology for the elaboration of a Twinning Project Fiche.
2009.11.13 to 2010.09.21

MEXICO : Misión de formulación del proyecto en materia de competitividad CE-México
2009.11.09 to 2010.07.07

SAINT LUCIA : Technical Assistance to Rural Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, St. Lucia
2009.11.06 to 2010.03.10

BOTSWANA : Mid-term Review "Support to SADC Member States" on TIFI Customs Modernisation and Trade Facilitation
2009.08.04 to 2009.12.18

AZERBAIJAN : Support to the Copyright Agency of the Azerbaijan Republic to prepare for a twinning fiche to strengthen the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Azerbaijan
2009.07.15 to 2010.01.15

CHINA : Mid-term Evaluation of the EU-China Project on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR2)
2009.07.06 to 2009.08.18

CAMEROON : Diagnostic des sous secteurs des mines et géologie et du dispositif de la propriété industrielle
2009.06.15 to 2009.10.31

GHANA : Technical assistance to NAO - Finance and contract matters
2009.05.10 to 2010.12.20

SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS : Technical Assistance for the preparation of 2009 Annual Action Programme for St. Kitts and Nevis
2009.04.28 to 2009.06.20

INDONESIA : Election Expert Mission to Indonesia
2009.03.05 to 2009.04.23

GREENLAND : Technical assistance to the Greenland home rule government
2008.12.15 to 2009.11.16

UKRAINE : Support to the Introduction and Implementation of the European Charter for Small Enterprises in Ukraine
2008.12.03 to 2010.02.04

ETHIOPIA : Technical Assistance to support the preparation of the Annual Action Plan 2009, the Action Fiche on Macro economic support and the Joint Annual Report
2008.11.26 to 2009.03.25

GEORGIA : Support to the Ministry of Finance of Georgia for the elaboration of a Twinning Project Fiche concerning the Strengthening the National Customs System of Georgia
2008.11.18 to 2009.01.31

AFGHANISTAN : Technical Review of Project "Afghanistan Variety and Seed Industry Development Project"- Technical assistance
2008.10.19 to 2008.11.22

CENTRAL AFRICA : Pilot Study on Fight Against Anti-Competitive Practices in Central Africa - The Telecom Case
2008.09.08 to 2009.05.30

MALAWI : TA for procurement and contracting procedures (PCP) expert in the NAO support unit
2008.09.08 to 2010.03.10

BALKANS : Technical assistance to support the implementation of the infrastructure projects facility in social sectors request for services
2008.07.01 to 2011.01.12

MALAWI : TA for the setting-up and functioning of an Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System at NAO support Unit
2008.05.05 to 2009.10.30

SOUTH AFRICA : Interim Programme Coordination Unit
2008.04.28 to 2008.12.28

CHINA : Support to China's Integration into the World Trading System (Phase 2)
2008.04.10 to 2008.05.28

MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF : Support to the preparation of 3 Twinning Fiches (Competition, Intellectual Property Rights and Procurement)
2008.04.09 to 2008.01.10

SOUTH AFRICA : Report on South Africa - EU Development Cooperation
2008.02.05 to 2008.04.02

ETHIOPIA : Technical Assistance for Joint Annual Report (JAR) 2007 and Annual Action Programme (APP) 2008
2008.02.01 to 2008.05.31

ETHIOPIA : Improving Aid Effectiveness in Ethiopia
2008.01.15 to 2009.01.15

TURKEY : Support to the NAO in Turkey in preparing the decentralised management of IPA for Accreditation - Stage II: Compliance Audit
2007.12.03 to 2008.02.15

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Strenghtening Human Resource Management, Education and Training at the Ministry of the Interior
2007.12.01 to 2008.08.01

SIERRA LEONE : Study on the micro-finance sector capacity building in Sierra Leone
2007.10.15 to 2008.04.15

CYPRUS : Design, Information and Evaluation Activities to enhance people to people contacts
2007.09.03 to 2007.12.03

TURKEY : Technical Assistance to the Under Secretariat of Customs in Turkey - Altun/Customs
2007.08.20 to 2007.12.31

MALI : Etude sur les modalités d'accès au Fonds d'Appui Technique relatives aux quatre options retenues dans le cadre du dispositif d'appui technique aux collectivités territoriales
2007.07.16 to 2007.09.23

WEST AFRICA : Technical Assistance to prepare call for proposals to Non-State Actor (NSA) participation to the regional integration process in West Africa.
2007.06.28 to 2008.06.30

MONTENEGRO : Privatisation transaction advisory assistance
2007.06.11 to 2008.06.10

BURUNDI : AT dans le cadre des négociations de l'accord de partenariat économique avec l'UE
2007.05.29 to 2007.11.30

MONTENEGRO : Verification of accounts for grant scheme projects
2007.04.23 to 2007.11.18

MALI : Assistance Technique à l'Ordonnateur National du FED-Mali
2007.04.01 to 2008.03.31

SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC : The Implementation of the EU-Syria Association Agreement: Need Assessment of Trade-Related Assistance
2007.03.15 to 2007.08.18

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Design of a tourism master plan for two Croatian countries
2006.12.22 to 2008.01.21

ETHIOPIA : Strengthening of the implementation of Paris commitments in Ethiopia
2006.12.22 to 2008.01.15

MEDA : Analysis of Tourism Strategies and Policies in the FEMIP countries and Proposals for Sub-Regional Tourism Development
2006.12.10 to 2007.04.30

MALAWI : Technical assistance to the national authorising officer - NAO support unit in the ministry of finance, Malawi to provide support and assistance in project implementation
2006.10.13 to 2007.10.24

1900.01.01 to 1900.01.01

1900.01.01 to 1900.01.01