2020.12.19 to 2021.07.19

ZIMBABWE : United Republic of Zimbabwe: An Evaluation of WFP’s Country Strategic Plan (2017 – 2021)
2020.08.20 to 2021.05.31

EQUATORIAL GUINEA : Analysis of and Recommendations on the SocioEconomic Impacts and Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis on Equatorial Guinea
2020.05.13 to 2020.10.31

LEBANON : Lebanon: An Evaluation of WFP’S County Strategic Plan (2016-2018)
2020.01.01 to 2020.11.15

GABON : Evaluation des stratégies et programmes de la banque au Gabon (2011-2020)
2019.12.19 to 2020.07.19

TUNISIA : Evaluation de la coopération de l’UE avec la Tunisie (2011-2020)
2019.12.19 to 2021.02.28

EGYPT : Independent Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Strategy and Program in Egypt 2009-2018
2019.04.01 to 2019.09.30

NIGER : Evaluation of DANIDA Niger Country Programme
2019.02.01 to 2019.12.06

MYANMAR : Evaluation of European Union’s Cooperation with Myanmar (2012-2017) Country level Evaluation (short title: Evaluation Myanmar)
2018.04.02 to 2020.02.28

CROATIA (local name: Hrvatska) : Ex-post evaluation of EU assistance to Croatia in the period 2007-2013
2017.01.16 to 2019.08.13

IVORY COAST : Evaluation des stratégies et programmes de la BAD en Côte d’Ivoire (titre court : Eval BAD Côte d’Ivoire)
2016.09.12 to 2017.04.14

ACP COUNTRIES : Feasibility study on the ACP endowment and trust fund
2016.06.30 to 2016.12.28

NIGER : Formation sur les lignes directrices de l’Aide Budgétaire de l’UE
2016.01.10 to 2016.02.10

MALAWI : Change Management Expert for the NAO Support Unit
2015.09.01 to 2017.04.03

TOGO : Evaluation indépendante des stratégies et programmes de la BAD au Togo
2015.03.05 to 2016.02.29

WORLDWIDE : Evaluation indépendante des stratégies et programmes de la BAD en RDC et au Burundi
2015.03.05 to 2016.02.29

PAKISTAN : Evaluation of the EU co-operation with Islamic Republic of Pakistan
2015.01.19 to 2016.04.13

WORLDWIDE : Evaluation of the use of different Transfer Modalities in ECHO Humanitarian Aid actions 2011-2014
2014.11.06 to 2016.04.30

MAURITANIA : Evaluation PEFA et rapport d’analyse des performances du système de GFP en Mauritanie
2014.06.30 to 2015.03.30

LESOTHO : Evaluation of the European Union's Co-operation with Lesotho 2008-2013
2014.04.28 to 2015.04.28

VIET NAM : Midterm Review of the Luxembourg Development Third Indicative Cooperation Programme (ICP) 2011-2015 in Lao PDR and in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
2014.03.31 to 2014.11.13

MACEDONIA : Support to NAO/NF for strengthening the supervision role over the management and control system of the Operating Structures for different IPA Components
2014.01.15 to 2015.09.30

BANGLADESH : Evaluation of ‘Promotion of Development and Confidence Building in the Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility (CHTDF)’
2013.10.15 to 2014.02.12

MULTI-COUNTRIES : Evaluation of the EU’s cooperation with Central America (2007-2012)
2013.06.28 to 2016.02.05

TOGO : Evaluation de la coopération de l'Union Européenne avec la République Togolaise
2013.06.20 to 2014.12.31

MADAGASCAR : Evaluation de la coopération de l'Union européenne avec la République de Madagascar : 2002-2012
2013.04.26 to 2014.05.19

Congo (ex Zaire), Democratic Republic of : RD Congo - Evaluation de la Coopération de l’UE
2013.01.14 to 2014.01.14

TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF : Evaluation of Budget Support to Tanzania
2012.01.27 to 2013.12.05

HONDURAS : Evaluation of the European Commission's co-operation with Honduras
2010.05.10 to 2012.06.30

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC : Appui à  la revue à mi parcours du 10ème FED en RCA
2009.12.09 to 2010.07.06

UKRAINE : Evaluation of European Commission’s Cooperation with Ukraine. Country Level Evaluation
2009.09.25 to 2011.01.31

EL SALVADOR : Evaluation of EC s cooperation with El Salvador country-level evaluation
2008.11.25 to 2010.04.30

NICARAGUA : Evaluation of EC's cooperation with Nicaragua Country-level evaluation
2008.06.19 to 2009.11.30

PACIFIC : Seminar: Evaluation of the Commission Support to the ACP Pacific Region
2008.02.01 to 2008.03.31

MEDA : Evaluation of the MEDA II Regulation and its implementation
2007.11.05 to 2010.03.16

GUYANA : Country Strategy Evaluation-Guyana
2006.12.18 to 2007.03.01

WEST AFRICA : Evaluation of the EC Regional Cooperation in West Africa
2006.11.24 to 2007.03.27

THIRD COUNTRIES : Service Contract to supply to the European Commission Services with an independent expertise in the field of evaluation of strategies, programming, programmes and policies within the fields of externa
2004.03.31 to 2005.03.30