Support to the division of labor and aid effectiveness process in Ethiopia

The Government of Ethiopia (GoE) is an active player in the international aid effectiveness process (Paris declaration in 2005, Accra Agenda for Action in 2008) and is willing to support the EU initiative on complementarity and division of labour (EU code of conduct, May 2007). Expected outcomes of the overall process are better effectiveness, improved harmonization, reduction of transaction costs and enhanced dialogue between GoE and development partners in areas concerned by the division of labour (DoL) process. The EU decided in September 2009 to re-activate the division of labour process and selected Ethiopia as a pilot case in the framework of the fast track initiative. The mission has been divided in two parts: - First part: set up of an EU joint response strategy and an operational framework on the division of labour, support for the decision making process, as well as technical assistance. - Second part: start of implementation of the DoL operational framework; follow up as well as technical assistance for aid effectiveness. The purpose of the assignment is to assist the SADC Secretariat in developing recommendations for establishing a regional funding mechanism. The recommendations would include the legal basis for establishment of the mechanism together with the modalities for institutionalisation, resource mobilisation, operation and management of the funding mechanism.

Project Details
Start date 2010.06.25
End date 2011.07.24
Client EC Delegation
Sub-sector EU Aid Modalities
Ref. ADE A422-068