Evaluating the labeling of the origin of dairy & meat products

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In a context of constantly developing consumer protection at EU level as well as in response to the pressing demands of producer organizations and consumer expectations, France has launched from 1 January 2017 the mandatory labeling of the origin of liquid milk and of milk and meat used as ingredients in prepackaged processed products. The objective is to provide the consumer with an information equivalent to that already mandatory for fresh meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, honey or olive oil.
However, this measure remains an experiment launched for a two-year period (up to 31 December 2018). 

The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food has selected ADE in association with Proteis and Opsio (France) for evaluating the implementation of this mandatory labeling.  

The study is investigating the following key issues :


  •  state of play in implementing this specific labeling (before and after the Decree);
  •  assessment of the cost of labeling for the stakeholders involved in value chains;
  •  assessment of the impact on the price paid by the final consumer;
  •  identification of effects on consumer purchasing practices.


More specifically, within the first task of the study (ongoing) our team of surveyors has used a mobile application allowing to collect data on the indication of the origin for nearly 10,000 products in more than 25 stores covering different retailers, sizes and products ranges in 7 of the 13 French regions. 

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