ADE participation to EES conference in September

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ADE has been for years an institutional member of the European Evaluation Society. Several ADE directors and staff members will participate to EES’ 2016 biannual conference which will be held in Maastricht from 28 to 30 September.

-   At EES, ADE is presenting:

o   Wednesday 28 at 3pm (session S034)– Vincent Coppens presents “Neglected trade-offs between evaluation objectives, Why uncovering them is critical for evaluation uptake
PDF version avilable here

o   Thursday 29 at 10 am (Session S051)– Tatiana Goetghebuer presents “Using videos to raise awareness on methodological innovations and to disseminate revaluation results

o   Thursday 29 at 1.45pm (Session S060) – Tatiana Goetghebuer presents “Setting new standard for defining outcomes and impact. Is there a chance in the near future

-   At EES, ADE is also chairing the session on “Counterfactual analysis on development evaluation” (S100) – Friday 30 at 2.15 pm

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