Renewal of ADE as lead contractor for a framework contract for complex strategic evaluations with the EUís DG DEVCO

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The EU has recently retendered its framework contract for “complex strategic evaluations” of development cooperation policies and programmes. The consortium led by ADE has been selected as one of a few consortia for this new framework contract FWC COM 2015 Lot 1. 

ADE hereby consolidates for future years its leading position in Europe on complex strategic evaluations of public policies and programmes.

The main types of evaluations being tendered under this framework contract will be Thematic Evaluations, Country-Level Evaluations, Regional-Level Evaluations, Budget Support Evaluations, and Evaluations of EC Financial Instruments. 

Several of these studies for DEVCO/EuropeAid and the European External Action Service (EEAS) will be jointly launched with EU Member States. 

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