Launch of the Evaluation of the European Union's Co-operation with Lesotho 2008-2013

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The European Union has contracted ADE to undertake an evaluation of its support to Lesotho over the period 2008-2013. The Evaluation will cover a variety of sectors: from macroeconomic support, human development and social protection to infrastructure in water, transport and energy. The objectives of the Evaluation are to provide an independent assessment of the EU’s engagement with Lesotho, and to identify on this basis key lessons and recommendations for future actions.

This Evaluation is one of a series of geographical evaluations that ADE is conducting currently. Other country-level evaluations include for instance the evaluations of EU co-operation with Madagascar, with the Democratic Republic of Congo, and with Togo. In addition, ADE is also conducting two regional evaluations (of EU cooperation with the Pacific region and with Central America). It is further conducting Joint Evaluations of Budget Support to countries such as Morocco or Burundi.

 Links for downloading the final report of these evaluations will be provided when these will be completed and made public.


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