Design and Delivery of a Training Course on Project Cycle Management

The objective was to prepare and deliver a training seminar organised by the European Training Foundation (ETF) in Torino to present the project cycle management (PCM) course along DEVCO PCM guidelines and its latest methodological developments, inform and train the project officers from ETF. In line with the terms of reference, the specific objective of this training course was to help promoting a good understanding of the PCM concepts and use among the project officers from ETF, and developing their skills, knowledge and capacity to design, implement and monitor projects in a formal, structured and rigorous way. This training will then ensure a balance between lectures and group work on specific case studies representatives from the region. While the training lecture modules addressed a comprehensive view of the PCM guidelines, a particular focus on some of its components, i.e. LFA, Monitoring and Evaluation. The balance between these aspects has been discussed with ETF at the beginning of the assignment and as a result of the survey on the level of knowledge and experience of the project officers. The course was built so as to ensure that a substantial part of the training course time be devoted to the analysis and review of specific cases of projects funded by ETF. A syllabus was prepared on PCM general guidelines and adapted to the needs of project officers. The report included the evaluation of the course by the participants and also recommendations for improvement on PCM, roles and tools used at ETF for improving quality and efficiency.

Project Details
Country ITALY
Start date 8.01.2016
End date 28.02.2016
Client European Training Foundation
Sub-sector Monitoring
Ref. ADE A544