Evaluation PEFA Burundi

Burundi is a country considered as fragile and in transition. Over the past five years, the Burundian authorities have made significant progress in modernizing the legal and institutional framework of the system of public finance management (PFM) in the country. The Organic Law on Public Finance of 2008 and its main implementing legislation introduced major innovations in line with international best practices. The priorities for reform arising from these innovations were organized as a strategy to strengthen the management of public finances generation II consisting of 12 programs and has an action plan 2012-2014 which was adopted by the Government in December 2012. The monitoring and evaluation of the SGFP2 retained 31 PEFA indicators as a framework for the results. A self-assessment is conducted annually while external evaluation is carried out every three years. The PEFA framework is one of the preferred diagnostic frameworks widely shared by different actors in the financial life. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the impact of reforms on the efficiency and transparency of public finance management. The objective was also to report the progress of the implementation of the reforms since the PEFA assessment of 2012 and to identify key strengths and weaknesses allowing the improvement of budget policies.

Project Details
Start date 2.11.2014
End date 18.07.2016
Client EC
Sub-sector PEFA
Ref. ADE A505-044