Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) of Operations Financed by the European Community Monitoring ACP - Lot 2-Africa,Indian Ocean and South Africa

The project objective was to monitor and gather result-oriented information on projects and programmes in order to maintain and improve the quality of programmes and projects in external cooperation activities through reports on technical and managerial aspects of project implementation. Projects and programmes from all sectors were monitored. The project was based on the general concept of project monitoring which provides EuropeAid’s Evaluation Unit a regular reporting mechanism. Preparation and submission of analytical assessments to management and other involved parties enabled focused management decisions to be taken in order to: • Ensure that projects remain on track to reach their objectives, with any adjustments being made with minimal disruption; • Produce constant information and feedback on the financial flows and activities of these projects/programmes. • Allow the EC to have a rapid appreciation of the projects/programmes progress and independent advice on its portfolio • Support regular reporting mechanisms on the EC activities in third countries (ACP countries for this contract) including to the Member States, the European Parliament and the Council; • Ensure early feedback from project implementation to subsequent project design, in advance of conclusions from ex-post evaluation. A small team ensures the management of all Result-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) missions in ACP countries. The monitoring system follows a methodology developed by the European Commission rooted in the project cycle management / logical framework method. The system was based on regular visits to projects by external monitors(experts), who, produced short, semi-standard reports and give ratings and comments following standard criteria , estimating the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, relevance and likely sustainability of projects and programmes. It provides an assessment of the performance and the results of each project/programme’s operations. Moreover, this contract has developed and tested new methodologies of monitoring sector policy support programmes (SPSP), as well as monitor projects/programmes which are finished (ex-post ROM). The monitoring data files, including summary logframe and implementation plan, M&E reports of each project concerned and a condense analysis of results are stored in a database. Monitoring information is transferred into the EC IT information system. 407 reports are produced each year including for ongoing projects, regional programmes, and SPSPs which undergoes quality control mechanisms.

Project Details
Country AFRICA
Start date 16.04.2008
End date 16.08.2010
Sub-sector Monitoring
Ref. ADE A404